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Fis igridh le is Dhira

There has been a successful recent revival of Fis igridh le is Dhira, and Ionad Chaluim Chille le is proud to be home to the Fis and to work closely with the Fis. An annual 2-day Fis event takes place during the February school holiday and new funding has introduced an exciting range of classes for young people on Islay and Jura.

The current program of classes, from autumn 2012 spring 2013 includes fiddle, clrsach, Gaelic song and group playing, open to young people at various levels.  A new digital project is also being planned.
For info on Fisean and their developments in the wider Argyll & Bute area contact Christine MacIntyre on 01546 606877 or

The full picture of the very successful Fisean movement which has grown throughout Scotland since 1981 can be explored through

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