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The Centre

Ionad Chaluim Chille le, the Columba Centre Islay, was reopened in 2002 as a centre for Gaelic language and heritage, following a renovation of the old fever hospital at Gartnatra, just outside Bowmore.
Ionad Chaluim Chille le currently delivers Gaelic language tuition in Primary and Secondary schools, and provides a range of accessible progressive Gaelic courses for the community.
The Centre operates in partnership with the Gaelic College on Skye, Sabhal Mr Ostaig, in providing information and access to a range of courses in Gaelic language at further and higher education levels.

A very attractive venue, ICCI offers meeting and teaching rooms available for public hire, a library, conference and broadcasting facilities, computer suite, video conference room and an exhibition area for the benefit of the whole community.
There are also independantly run Nursery/Childcare facility and Cafe housed within the building.
We hope you enjoy finding out more about the work of Ionad Chaluim Chille le and we look forward to welcoming you to the Centre sometime soon.

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