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Gaelic in Argyll

Gaelic organisations

There are a number of organisations who can advise and give information about Gaelic learning opportunities and activities for all ages in the Argyll & Bute Council area.

Argyll and Bute Council Community Services: Education
Iomairt Ghaidhlig Ile 's Dhiura
For Argyll
Dunoon Community Radio
Atomic Piseag - Argyll Ladies' Gaelic Choir
The Gaelic Rings


Learn Gaelic at school on Islay

Gaelic Medium education is available at Bowmore Primary, and GLPS (Gaelic Language in Primary Schools programme) is available to every primary school on the Isle of Islay. Gaelic as a subject is on offer at Islay High School.

For further information please contact the Argyll and Bute Council Education Department.

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