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July 2015
Gaelic Language, Song and Music Classes
from 22 Jul 2015
to 24 Jul 2015
September 2016
C˛mhradh - Gaelic Conversation Group
1 September 2016
6 September 2016
GÓidhlig airson Deugairean
6 September 2016
GÓidhlig ╠re 2
6 September 2016
GÓidhlig ╠re 3
7 September 2016
GÓidhlig ╠re 4
7 September 2016
GÓidhlig ╠re 1
7 September 2016
Club Oigridh
8 September 2016
October 2016
C˛mhlan pýobaireachd ╠le - Islay Pipe band
6 October 2016
GÓidhlig airson Deugairean
Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Starts 3:45 pm

Clas GÓidhlig airson deugaire sam bith a tha a' dŔanamh NÓiseanta 4/5 no └rd-╠re GÓidhlig.

Any teenager studying National 4/5 or Higher Gaelic are welcome to attend our Gaelic after school workshops.


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